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  • Timex Weekender 40 T2P4959J Review

    Like the much-loved Seiko 5, the Timex Weekender is a popular recommendation as an excellent “first watch”. ...

  • Regular Guy Reviews: Breytenbach BB7745BE

    I’d like to preface this review by mentioning this will be my first official watch review for watchesyoucanafford. ...

  • Breytenbach BB7745BE Review

    Entering the market at affordable price points are watches sporting Sea-Gul automatic movements.  Many manufacturers are ...

  • Tissot Seastar Powermatic 80 Review

    The last dive watch I reviewed (the Cadence Buccaneer) was an inexpensive and capable watch- for the price.  I bring the ...

  • Hamilton Jazzmaster Regulator Auto Review

    Continuing the trend of delivering well-built watches at prices we can afford, Hamilton is delivering yet again with the ...

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Timex T2M979 Review
Posted by
08 June

Timex T2M979 Review

The Timex T2M979 is an affordable automatic sporting a power reserve complication in addition to the 24 hour indicator and date window.  The ...
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