Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 42mm Review
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Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 42mm Review

Overall Score4.5
  • Watch Type & Movement
  • Aesthetics & Build Quality
  • Functions & Complications
  • Value for Money
  • Overall Impression
  • The Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 42mm is the second largest Khaki Field Auto you can buy (44mm being the largest), and it makes a big impression. This is an example of simple done right: take a great movement (ETA 2824-2), combine it with a good looking face/case, and voila. At $495 it's a great buy.

When I first picked up this watch I wasn’t particularly impressed with it.  The first impression was that it was a simple, no-nonsense automatic.  There are lots of those out there, and many of them cost a lot less than $495.

Of course that changed.  Somewhere along the line, during the four days I had the watch to review, a switch “ticked” (pardon the pun) and I found myself really enjoying the Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 42mm.  Perhaps it was the ruggedness to it, or maybe it was the no-BS styling.  I’m not too sure where, but what I do know is that at some point I stopped thinking of the Khaki 42mm as just another watch and started thinking of it as another watch I needed to add to my collection.

Essential Details About the Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 42mm

MSRP: $495
Model number: H70555533
Case diameter: 42mm
Movement: Automatic, ETA 2824-2
Complications: Date
Crystal material: Sapphire
Power Reserve: 38 hours
Other: Exhibition caseback

Note that there are alternate colour options for the band/face (green/green, H70555863; khaki/brown, H70555523; black/stainless steel, H70515137).

Watch Provided By Gem by Carati


Gem by Carati provided a brand new Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 42mm for me to review.  I have had many dealings with Gem by Carati in the past and recommend them to anyone seeking a Gucci, Hamilton, or Tissot timepiece.  They also specialize in engagement and bridal jewelry

Gem by Carati is located in Calgary, AB, Canada.  Visit them online at www.gembycarati.com.

Thanks Gem!

Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 42mm Aesthetics & Functionality

Looks great with just about everything.

Looks great with just about everything.

This Hamilton was never intended to be the watch that catches the eye of everyone around you.  Instead, this watch is the watch that you wear when you’re out at the pub, or when you’re riding your bike, or jogging downtown, or anywhere where you need a good, durable watch that can be dressed up.  The Khaki Field Auto 42mm is just that: a watch that you can dress up or down, though it will never be seen as a “classy” watch nor will it be seen as a “casual” watch.  It’s the perfect in-between.

My love affair with the Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 42mm didn’t truly begin until I tested the luminescence, where literally every marker and hand was lit up clear as day.  It was as if there was backlighting behind it.  An excellent example of how luminescence should be done.

The case itself is very contemporary- it looks great and feels well put together.  The Khaki Auto feels like a watch made by a company with over 120 years of watchmaking history.  It’s the little details that set this watch apart, and the luminescence is an excellent example of that.

Functionally, the Khaki Field Auto 42mm is powered by a Swiss-made ETA 2824-2 movement.  It’s an excellent automatic movement that ticks along without a fuss and should give you years of automatic-timepiece goodness.

Using the watch is quite simple:

  • Pull the crown to position 3 to set the time.
  • Pull the crown to position 2 to set the date.  Turning the crown toward 12 o’clock moves the date forward, whereas turning the crown toward 6 o’clock turns the date backwards.

The brown leather strap, while far from the most luxurious I’ve ever worn, was comfortable and unintrusive.  After a while I forgot I was wearing the watch at all- a good sign, especially when you factor in wearing this watch for 8 hours or more per day for hopefully many years to come

Movement Accuracy & Reliability

The Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 42mm features the Swiss-manufactured ETA 2824-2 movement.  This movement is extremely popular, powering millions of watches, and is well-respected in the industry for both its reliability as well as its accuracy.

The ETA 2824-2 is an automatic movement, featuring 25 jewels and a maximum daily variation of approximately 30 seconds (meaning the watch may gain or lose up to 30 seconds of time per day).  This variation seems high, but that’s the maximum.  In reality you’ll see between 7 and 12 seconds of variation per day.

The ETA 2824-2 can safely be considered reliable.

Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 42mm Flaws

Profile view.

Profile view.

There isn’t a lot about the Khaki to complain about.  If anything, it’d be the thickness of the strap, but that’s a completely subjective complaint that I’m really only making because there has to be something about this watch I don’t like… right?

Maybe not.  In the four days I’ve worn it I’ve come to appreciate just about everything about this watch.  It’s not too often that I have a timepiece in my hands and I can’t find something to complain about, but with this Hamilton the gripes are few and far between.

One minor issue I noted is that the leather is quick to remember its position when clasped.  This could lead to warping/disfiguring of the leather strap over time.  This problem is easily remedied by switching to a deployment buckle or simply swapping out the strap when the time is right.

To Conclude My Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 42mm Review

What an interesting watch this was to review.  My first impressions were that it was a bland, boring watch that happened to sport a respected ETA movement.  If you’re someone looking for a myriad of complications and functions in your watch that statement may still apply, but I’ve found this Hamilton to be a charming – and surprising – timepiece.

It’s utility extends beyond the casual wear its aesthetics might suggest.  The excellent luminescence means that this is a watch you can actually use at night; the rich brown leather ties in well with your shoes or belt; the simple, yet contemporary, face accents but doesn’t overshadow.

In short, it’s an excellent watch built by a company with over 120 years of watchmaking experience- and it shows.

Reviewers Pick – A Great Buy!

Buy: $495, Gem by Carati / Amazon

More Pictures of the Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 42mm

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  1. Richard Ralph

    Hi Cameron,
    for a matter of interest, if you don’t mind me asking – what size wrist do you have? The watch looks a little too large in a couple of the photographs, I’m tossing up between the 38mm and 42mm at the moment and would appreciate your comments… does it wear big?


    1. Post author
      Cameron Martel

      Hi Richard,

      My wrists are approximately 7.75″ around. I find that a 41 – 44 mm diameter is ideal for me, though that obviously may change depending on the style of the watch/bracelet/lugs/etc.

      1. Richard Ralph

        Hi Cameron,
        thanks for your reply – same circumference as myself and I also typically wear 40 – 43mm so must be an optical illusion or maybe the type of lens that was used. Problem solved, decision made, next job is to place an order….!!!!

  2. erik

    That watch looks WAY too big for your wrist, you aren’t measuring your wrist correctly if you believe you have a 7.75″ wrist, more like 6.5″.


    1. Post author
      Cameron Martel

      lol no, it fits just fine. Remember that as this watch was provided by Gem by Carati I did not want to stress the leather so I did not break it in. It sat a little awkwardly as a result :)

    2. Si Jones

      42 mm is NOT too big. I have a smaller wrist too and I find it just right. ( i cant stand small dials) Its not obtrusive like some over sized timepieces that are trendy today.

  3. Hugo

    I just ordered this Hamilton. I think she will be perfect for weekends and holidays. I am interested recently to automatic Swiss watches. After a few Tissot (Couturier auto chrono and Le Locle), this will be my first Hamilton! By the way, your site is very well done and I really like it!


    1. Post author
      Cameron Martel

      Thanks for your comments :)

      I think you’ll find the quality of your upcoming Hamilton to be on par with what you’ve come to expect from Tissot :)

  4. Sam

    When I got it (a month and a half ago) it was loosing something like 3 seconds per day, now it s 8 seconds per day. I thing it need to be regulated.

  5. Tom

    I am buying this model before they become too hard to find. But I have a question… Most Hamiltons have the “swiss made” in tiny print on either side of the 6 o’clock marker. This one does not. Is it not assembled in Switzerland to gain the label? Is the movement from Switzerland, but assembled elsewhere? Or are some Hamiltons simply not labeled with the “swiss made” because it is an “American” design and they did not want to detract from that idea by writing “swiss made” on the face?

  6. Si Jones

    “Swiss Made” is on the back.. I bought this watch with the leather strap, but quickly sourced an hamilton original stainless strap designed for it (similar clasp to omega seamaster) as I preferred the weight of the metal with the watch (coming from heavier tissots or omegas). I love the watch and wear it every day (mostly)


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